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Enjoy life, feeling, nature and rest

Come close to nature and stay upscale. Be enchanted by the snow or mirror your picture of the lake water. Choose the season, with us you will enjoy life, feeling, nature and rest. 

Pyhäniemi | Gympark | Open-air theater


Outdoor sports park and padel field. Work out and enjoy. As sugar on the bottom an authentic crushed tennis court. Reservations +358444 0206

Open-air theater

In the summer 2021 program Spear Air
KEIHÄSMATKAT Sparkle spark in Las Palmas
Bookings +35844 350 5806

Visit the top of Käskyvuori Barbecue facilities at your disposal 

Swamp hoe and Justina 


Aitoneva Peatmuseum

The Aitoneva Peat Museum is located in an authentic peat production environment that has been in use since 1942. Sixty machines related to peat production have been placed in the forest terrain outside the museum, the oldest of which are from the 1940s.


The peat museum and information point can be found in Aitoneva, Kihniö, which is one of the oldest peat extraction areas in Finland.

020 790 6403 tai 020 790 4000

Open June to August Mon-Sun 12-17 (free admission)

The contact person for the groups is Sirpa Kortesluoma,
tel.+35850 4022 030.


"The roof of Puumila's grandfather's pit has the pole of the world"

Puumila is a lunch café, conference hall, banquet hall and concert hall.

In the Old living room you will get to know the ways of life of the past.

Puumila is right in the center of Kihniö, opposite K-Market Maurintori at Kuruntie 1-3.

The house also houses an exhibition about Germund Paaer's life's work.

Wilderness house ERÄMAJA and smoke sauna

The wilderness house is located 4 km north of the center of Kihniö. The peaceful forest nature of the wilderness provides a pleasant and atmospheric environment for family celebrations, meetings and evenings.

There are 150 guests at the tables to enjoy delicious food, good coffee and pastries from Erä-Sisko. The atmosphere of the wilderness is complemented particularly well by a moose soup and a barley poop. In the smoke sauna in the courtyard of the house, up to 30 people can enjoy sweet steams at the same time. There is no greater in these main. There is also a large living room with a fireplace in connection with the sauna.

The Pyhäniemi-Käskyvuori sports route runs through the Erämaja yard district. On winter weekends, the Wilderness House serves skiers as a resting place.

Additional information and reservations:

Kihniönkylän Erä-Veikot

Kihniö Museum of Performances

The Tarmo Markkula, a merchant, has collected more than 2,500 exhibits at the Object Museum, which is located in an old loan warehouse. Each object tells its own fascinating story. Open during the summer, otherwise by appointment.

For more information: +358444 1246 


Kihniö's charming thatched-roof wooden church was built in 1917 and was designed by Ilmari Launis. The altarpiece of the church was painted in 1938 by Germund Paaer, a native of Knihni, who was the first jewelery designer at Kalevala Koru. The church is the Road Church and

it is open from June 12 to August 4, 2017 on weekdays from 10 am to 4 pm

For more information:

+358440 070

See and experience in Kihniö

Kujala ranch

Horseback riding and things to see!

Koskimaa cheepfarm

Organic farm, fall in love with our products.
Kankarintie 775


For children and the child-minded.

Play and play.

Right in the center, next to the Cooperative Bank.